Acne problems may be solved with new drug from the makers of Botox

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Get ready for the latest news in Botox! Late-stage trials of an acne medication from Pharmaceutical giants, Allergan and Partek. The companies report that two of their Phase 3 trails of the drugs sarecycline, an antibiotic with anti-inflammatory properties, has be successful in treating moderate to severe acne.

“The positive efficacy results observed in the pivotal phase 3 clinical trials indicate that sarecycline can be an effective treatment option for patients with moderate to severe acne.” States David Nicholson, chief global research and development officer for Allergan. The patients that recieved a daily dose of medication reported fewer inflmamed lesions compared to those who didn’t receive treatment. Due to the successful trials, Allegran has announced plan to file applications for the drug with the FDA.

The drug is also stated to help with symptoms of rosacea as well, which is a condition that causes redness, bumps and blotchy skin.


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