The Miracle of Skin

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Skin is truly a miracle material. It’s soft, pliable, strong, waterproof, and self-repairing. Skin is the largest of the body’s organs. Our skin functions as a large vessel holding what’s inside in place.

Skin doesn’t just cover us!

Our skin doesn’t just cover us, it does much more. Skin functions as protective wrapping. Along with a layer of fat underneath, skin insulates us against all kinds of bumps, bangs and wear and tear. Skin keeps germs and water OUT (unless we have a break in our skin) and keeps our body’s fluids and salts IN.

Our skin manufactures and secretes many beneficial substances. Waxes and oils act as our body’s natural waterproofing, a barrier against germs and make our skin softer. Our skin also contains glands which manufacture sweat. Through perspiration the body is cooled by evaporation and mechanism to get rid of chemicals it doesn’t need.

How does it do all this?

Skin is alive. It’s made of many thin sheets of layers of flat, stacked cells in which you’ll find nerves, blood vessels, hair follicles, glands, and sensory receptors.
Older cells are constantly being pushed to the surface by new cells which grow from below. When the old ones reach the top, they become wider and flatter as they get rubbed and worn by all our activity. In fact, every minute 30,000-40,000 dead skin cells fall from our body! In approximately a month’s time, our body has made a whole new layer of skin cells!

Ever wonder what makes different skin colors?

A pigment called melanin. More melanin in your skin cells makes skin darker, less makes it lighter. Sitting in the sun can also cause more melanin to be manufactured in our skin cells. The result? A suntan.

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